B+S Tax Free

The Simple Way to More Transactions from International Customers

B+S Tax Free facilitates a simple and fast way of reclaiming the value-added tax (VAT) for non-EU residents. Thus, customers get a saving, while merchants benefit from increased revenue due customer inclination to spend more.

This additional feature is a real advantage as far as customer service is concerned. The terminal automatically identifies whether non-EU resident customers are entitled to VAT-free shopping. After paying, the customer receives a tax free form entitling him to a VAT refund when leaving the EU. At the same time, the merchant is spared of the costly task of handling TaxFree cheques.


  • Increased revenue stream due to customer savings
  • Faster checkout at POS
  • Increased merchant savings in the clearing and settlement process
  • Higher security in regard to fraud due to use of a cheque code