BS PAYONE Account Splitting

Flexible and Joint Terminal Usage

The terminals account selection feature lets your POS staff allocate payments directly to varying bank accounts. Thus, you save the trouble of subsequent bank transfers or the need for additional devices.

Especially owners of jointly operated medical practices, retail stores or service providers profit from this feature. Already at the terminal, it simply allows for selection of the predetermined bank account; the rest of the payment process remains the same. On the one hand, this helps separate different areas of business and at the same time supplies clearly structured settlement and invoicing information.


  • Low costs due to joint terminal usage
  • Avoidance of subsequent transfers and fees
  • Less required space
  • Easier payment allocation due to listing of individual totals

Payment Methods

  • girocard / electronic cash

Special Features

  • Specification of up to 10 bank accounts 
  • Individual list reports per credited account at end-of-day processing

Terminals with Account Splitting Capability

  • Artema Hybrid (BS PAYONE value)
  • Vx570 (BS PAYONE advance II)