Terminals and Cards

Attentiveness increases security

We'd like to take the opportunity and give you a brief introduction on how we protect against fraud when payments are made at tills.

Card security

The validity check

Check that the expiry date on the card is still valid and that the card has not expired.

The cardholder verification check

Make sure that the name of the cardholder is the same sex as the person making the payment.

The card verification number (CVV)

This number is requested when making e-commerce purchases. It is a three-digit number and must not be stored.

The signature check

Check whether the signature on the sales slip matches the signature on the back of the card and the name correspondingly.

Terminal security

B+S Terminal-Security Sign

BS PAYONE terminal security seals for secure terminals

Applications involving the transfer and processing of data are susceptible to manipulation. BS PAYONE provides protection against this. The terminals used for cashless payment transactions have the potential to attract the attention of fraudsters in the same way as ATMs. That is why BS PAYONE equips such devices with a security seal consisting of a hologram. If the housing is opened or an attempt is made to remove it, the seal is destroyed. Therefore, you should always check that the BS PAYONE security seal always remains intact.

Correct handling of passwords

Handling card payments involves processing highly valuable data that is equivalent to "hard cash" and which needs to be treated with the utmost care. Therefore, various settings and actions (such as cancelling a payment) on the POS terminal are password-protected. Only disclose individual passwords to those employees for whom they are actually intended! It is not necessary for every employee to know all the passwords.

Limited access to terminals

The same principle applies when granting access to terminals or to payment slips. If passwords are made generally available, people could steal transaction data or modify and manipulate payments. Therefore, the following principle applies: No access for unauthorised persons! Certain European countries have already experienced cases in which third parties have managed to gain access to the terminal and the highly sensitive data under false pretences.

Maintenance by appointment only

BS PAYONE offers fixed appointments to protect customers against fraud. Maintenance will only be carried out on terminals once an appointment has been made with our hotline. Our engineers will never turn up unannounced to deal with a fault. Similarly, with BS PAYONE you will never receive visits from paper roll sales reps. Rolls can be ordered by fax or via our Web Shop as usual.

Additional tips for increased security:

  • Always let the customer check the slip and check it again yourself to spot keypad input errors before completing the card payment.
  • Make sure that your customers can enter their PINs in complete privacy.
  • Dispose of old card slips in such a way that no third parties can acquire possession of the details.
  • Keep your terminal in a safe place outside store opening hours.
  • Do not allow unauthorised persons to access the terminal. 
  • Immediately report any suspicion that the terminal has been tampered with to the police or BS PAYONE.

Further information

You will find more information about card security features on the websites operated by the card organisations: