At a Glance

What you need to know to get started with card payments

Offering card payments is a plus in terms of the service you provide to your customers and comes with a whole range of options. Use our “six step overview” for a quick summary of how easily you can get started accepting cashless payments.

1. Select a point of sale

You can choose between stationary card readers (power supply and data transfer via cables, e.g. for retail points of sale) or mobile terminals (wireless and therefore portable, ideal for restaurants, delivery services or trade fairs).

2. Number of payment operations and convenience required

Different options suiting your needs are available whether you only have a small number of customers making purchases each day or your terminal is in constant use. High performance terminals are ideal if your customers mainly pay with cards, for example. They can process payments faster, regardless of whether verification is by PIN or signature. On the other hand, we recommend entry-level terminals if you only expect a small number of customers to be paying with cards.

3. Type of customer and products

Payment options should be selected based on who your customers are and what products you are selling. In addition to debit cards, credit cards are widely available internationally and used as a means of payment. The rule of thumb is that the more payment options you offer, the better the service for your customer. And don’t forget that only if your customers have the option of paying by card will they be able to spend more money than the cash they are carrying in their purses and wallets.

4. More than just payment

Do you frequently deal with customers from abroad? Numerous additional functions turn terminals into real all-rounders at points of sale, offering customers an extra service on top of cashless payment.

5. Costs and revenues

All BS PAYONE payment terminals can be rented for a monthly rental fee. The fee varies depending on the terms of contract. The prices charged for payment methods also vary. This is mainly due to differences regarding payment guarantees. The type of connection to the network used also has an impact on transaction costs.

Alongside a broader customer base and more willingness to purchase on the part of customers achieved by introducing cashless payment, the additional features are the primary means of increasing sales. For example, retailers benefit from commission on DCC purchases or are able to generate additional business from prepaid mobile phone top-up points. Absolutely no investment is required on their part.

6. We’re happy to help

Simply contact us for a personal quote for card acceptance from our wide range of options, tailored to meet your precise requirements and needs.