BS PAYONE clearing service

Simply save with batched transactions

This process is a comfortable and secure alternative to DTA (exchange of data media) via your bank. In doing so, direct debits are batched, posted to the accounts, and remitted.

The additional function for account crediting transfers debit transactions from girocard/electronic cash transactions from the cardholder and posts the amounts to the desired bank account. Thereby you have maximum flexibility for payments: These are possible three days after POS end-of-day processing, on a weekly or monthly basis. In addition to cost reduction, information quality increases because deducted authorisation fees are clearly listed in the invoice so that you have all costs at a glance.


  • Lower costs at your bank
  • Transfer to any account possible
  • DTA agreement with your bank is not required
  • Supported Payment Methods
  • Debit card payments (girocard/electronic cash)

Supported Payment Methods

  • Debit card payments (girocard/electronic cash)