B+S POS System Connection

Easy Payment Processing

Two established solutions provide for automatic transfer of amounts of cashless electronic payments at the point-of-sale, thus optimising the processes and relieving shop employees at the point of sale.

Adapted POS System Connection

If the POS has no slip printing capability, a separate terminal assumes the task of printing the sales slip. A cable connects the two devices. At the same time, software that is also employed in integrated POS systems is used to secure error-free data transfer.

Integrated POS System Connection

When the POS system is capable of printing transaction slips then this integration makes the device a terminal. At the same time additional software processes the payment data. Card data and PIN are captured with a separate data entry pad.


  • Avoidance of unnecessary work
  • Simple operation and rapid, error-free payment 
  • Reduction of rental costs and space requirements
  • Payment function integration at the checkout system at POS