BS PAYONE Contactless Payment

Contactless Process of Low Value Transactions – Secure, Simple, Swift

With contactless terminals, waiting queues are a thing of the past. The reason: cardholders with cards bearing contactless-enabled capabilities must neither sign nor enter their PIN for low value purchases. Thus payment is made in the twinkling of an eye. In addition to Deutsche Kreditwirtschafts girogo payment method, MasterCard and Visa as well are banking on contactless payment schemes and are convinced of their innovation potential.

Especially businesses with high customer frequency benefit from this innovative payment technology, allowing payments to be effected with NFC (near field communication) in a matter of seconds. To transfer data, you only need to hold the card at a short distance from the POS reading device. Then just wait for confirmation, that’s it. In less than two seconds, the payment process is completed.

This type of payment is really comfortable, because you do not have to observe in which direction to enter the card into the reading slot. Beyond this benefit and the high speed of payment, missing payment media contact constitute further advantages hygienically and in respect to the technical infrastructures life span. For this reason, contactless payments are a convenient service especially in gastronomy, sports stadiums and canteens in addition to traditional businesses.


  • Payment process acceleration and shorter waiting times
  • Reduction in cost for POS personnel
  • Increase in customer satisfaction and image
  • Potential for rationalisation due to faster payment processing
  • Low acceptance and processing fees
  • Reduction in handling cash and counterfeit money risk

Payment Methods

  • girogo
  • MasterCard contactless
  • Visa contactless