BS PAYONE Electronic Payment Advice

Overview with the Electronic Payment Advice File

Reports in EPA format allow better control of all submitted credit card transactions. At the same time, settlement and transaction data are forwarded directly to accounting, thus reducing the cost of handling.

The EPA data, compiled during the settlement process, allows for subsequent automatic processing of card transactions. Amongst others, this facilitates reconciliation of individual accounting items. The ASCII format ensures maximum compatibility to established accounting systems.

The degree of detail at which you request reports is individually customisable. Even to which extent data is selected, be it the entire file for multiple shops or just reports by card brand.


  • Clear subsequent processing of settlement data
  • Optimal basis for analysis and reconciliationEasy control of all submissions
  • Daily supply of data in a flexible structure
  • Secure data transfer via SFTP server

Payment Methods

  • Credit cards (Visa Credit, MasterCard Credit, CUP, Visa Commercial, MasterCard Commercial, CUP, Visa Purchasing, MasterCard Purchasing)
  • Debit cards (Visa Debit, MasterCard Debit, Maestro, V PAY)