Payment Transaction in E-Commerce and Mail Order

Mail order business and Internet-shops are booming. The willingness to shop in these market places is constantly rising. For merchants, it is particularly important to secure the payment flows. Card payments are best suited for that purpose.
Today, shop trading is no longer the only Point of Sale (POS). The desk at home or in the office has also turned into a place to – increasingly - shop and pay by card.

You plan to offer different payment options to your clients in the mail order or e-commerce business? Simply answer our questions - We take care of the rest.

Contract and Product - to suite your ordering process

E-CommerceMail order
MediumWeb shopCatalogue/TV/Radio
ChannelE-Mail/Mail formFax, Telephone, Letter
ContractBS PAYONE E-Commerce Card acceptance contractBS PAYONE Mail order Card acceptance contract
BS PAYONE allpos/BS PAYONE allpos.light,
BS PAYONE payment interface