High Risk Countries

Information for Shipping to High Risk Countries

In e-commerce and mail order purchasing often takes place abroad. For this purpose, security criteria exist that are imperative that you adhere to them.

We offer you protection

To minimise your risk, we have compiled a list of countries that to our knowledge are especially critical regarding the shipment of goods:

AsiaIndonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia
Eastern EuropeRomania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Ukraine, Balkan States
Western Europe*Great Britain above all Greater London area,
Netherlands, Italy, Spain (major cities)
AfricaIvory Coast, Nigeria, Ghana

* As a rule, the percentage of purchases originating in the west-European region clearly exceeds that in comparison to further world-wide countries of delivery. Thus the percentage of fraudulent orders strongly coincides with these numbers. For this reason, merchants should pay special attention to suspicious patterns regarding cross-border ordering.

Suspicions Behaviour

You can draw conclusions on possible fraud on account of purchaser behaviour. The following behaviour patterns should make you cautious:

  • The cardholder wants to split the invoice amount and use multiple credit cards.
  • The card’s country of origin does not match the country of delivery.
  • A purchase order contains multiple card numbers with varying names.
  • The purchaser advices of possible problems in advance, i.e.: “Should my card not work, then I’ll supply my wife’s card number to you”.

Further information

You will find more information about card security features on the websites operated by the card organisations: