The two most popular security procedures for E-Commerce in detail.

Verified by Visa (VbV) and MasterCard SecureCode (MSC)

These two BS PAYONE security procedures in e-commerce not only support cardholder authentication but also protect against card fraud on the Internet.

How do the security procedures work?

Your customers are automatically directed to a secure page hosted by the issuing bank where they must confirm their payment by entering a password. Online authorisation will not take place until this has been done.
Your customers are then no longer able to claim chargebacks based on the argument "transaction not completed" (liability shift). This even works if the customer's bank does not participate in the VbV or MSC security procedures.

Payment methods:
Visa, MasterCard, Maestro

Note: MasterCard/Visa Commercial Cards and Pre-Paid Cards (Visa) are excluded


  • Protection against card fraud
  • Reduction of eligible chargebacks with the argument “transaction not completed”
  • Increase in payment security
  • Easy integration of the merchant plug-in for secure data transfer to the relevant card organisation or card-issuing bank


  1. e-payment software with certified VbV and MSC function, e.g. provided by BS PAYONE
  2. Agreement with BS PAYONE for VbV and/or MSC
  3. Use of merchant plug-in activated
  4. Notification of VbV and/or MSC contract data to all parties involved
  5. Identification of transactions in the e-payment software
  6. Application of security procedures for every payment
  7. For Maestro-payments: MSC activation for all parties involved (cardholder, merchant, card-issuing bank)