Currency Converter

Reference exchange rates for credit card transactions in foreign currencies

Below you will find the reference exchange rates for credit card transactions made by you in accordance with clause 10.4 of the "General Terms and Conditions for Acceptance of Debit and Credit Cards" and the "General Terms and Conditions for Agreements with Distance Sales Merchants".

Currency Converter

The currency converter holds exchange rates for submissions from the last banking day up to 6 months previously. Please enter a submission date within this timeframe.

Details of card payment received

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This is how the currency converter works

  1. Select the accepted card types: Visa, MasterCard, JCB, China Union Pay and/or Diners Discover.
  2. Select a payment currency, i.e. the currency in which your customer has paid.
  3. Enter a date that is consistent with a maximum of 6 months ago and a minimum of one banking day ago. The last banking day on a Monday, for example, is the Friday, on Wednesday it is the Tuesday. If the Friday or Tuesday was a national holiday you have to go back another day.
  4. Click on "Convert".

As a result you receive your required conversion rates. They show you for how many euros we will credit you one unit of the target currency, depending on the accepted card type. The exchange rate of the next banking day is always shown.