Cutting-Edge Technology

Maximum availability for payment handling

BS PAYONE´s proprietary systems are available for BS PAYONE terminals 24/7. The reason is that multiple data centres guarantee maximum security.

To process electronic payment transactions in Germany, it is necessary to have a network provider that is certified by Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft DK (formerly ZKA, German Central Credit Committee). As such, BS PAYONE is authorised to operate terminals and process payments debit and credit card. To ensure smooth payment operations, BS PAYONE runs two data centres that operate in parallel and are completely independent of each other. They are located more than 200 km apart, and thus guarantee maximum availability due to their protection against environmental disasters or other damage. In addition, a substitute data centre is available to provide a maximum of safe operation.

These data centres are run in what is called shared-load operation, i.e., transactions are equally distributed between the two data centres. By dialling up to the intelligent network of Deutsche Telekom, they can use the full bandwidth of innovative communication channels.

The terminal, your interface between customer, merchant and network Provider

Every terminal, which is used in electronic cash network operations, must meet the high requirements defined by the German banking industry. In addition to the official approvals granted by DK, BS PAYONE's own in-house quality assurance makes for maximum functionality, ease of operation, and stability.